Wellhead Desanding

Those operating installed processing facilities often find that the production of sand from oil and gas wells proves difficult for effective operation at the wellhead. Whether caused by unconsolidated reservoirs, high production rates or the failure of gravel packs and other sand control measures, the effects can be hugely damaging to chokes, flow lines, control valves, pumps and other equipment.


Primary Produced Water Treatment

At the initial stage of treatment for produced water, it is essential that technology meets expectations on every level – from performance to timescale to budget.
Alderley’s experience in engineering and manufacturing primary produced water treatment systems for onshore and offshore applications makes us the ideal partner for Brownfield and Greenfield projects.


Secondary Produced Water Treatment

With the latest regulations often requiring further water treatment technologies beyond the primary produced water treatment stage, Alderley are expertly placed to provide the technology to continue the preparation of water and solids before discharge or further polishing.
Alderley can meet your company’s secondary produced water treatment requirements through best in class process equipment, project management and execution and customer support.


Tertiary Produced Water Treatment

With primary and secondary water treatment systems, we are able to meet 90% of the requirements for discharge limits, however, further water polishing can be achieved through additional filtration.
Alderley can supply the final cleaning stage before water is discharged overboard, with products such as nutshell media filters, coalescing filters and adsorption filters.


Brownfield Project Services

We are focused on providing world class products and services that will add value to our clients’ processes through process reviews, system upgrades and modifications


Produced Water Treatment Spares Management

Alderley’s customer service can assist you with your spares management for all Alderley supplied systems. Through planned maintenance schedules, management of spares and repair services, we help customers plan their Operation Expenditure (OPEX) as well as assist in reducing costs associated with downtime and carrying excess inventory.


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